• I am not a young, comely female.
  • I am not a member of any racial, ethnic, or other distressed, suppressed, depressed, or aggressed minority.
  • I am not an alcoholic.
  • Save for a little weed way back when, I have never taken any drug.
  • I am not morbidly obese.
  • During 12 years of Catholic education, I have never been propositioned, attacked, or abused by a priest or anyone else.
  • I don’t have a dog or a cat.
  • I have nothing to say about “side hustles.”
  • What other people do or how they are doing it does not concern me.
  • I couldn’t care less if someone detests or idolizes Donald Trump.
  • I am neither a fan nor foe of any political organization or party.

As a Medium writer, I may be doomed…😕

A sign reading “NORMAL IS BORING.”
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Medium Meta

In case anyone missed it, Breana Jones, a member of the product team at Medium, recently posted an article about a list of features and functions that have been added, restored, and improved in response to Medium member requests.

  • Custom domains (back for good)
  • Mobile editor (improved and coming back for good)
  • Improved following feed
  • Improved member icons

The mobile editor and improved following feed news is especially good, because these are topic that have been getting a lot of discussion of late.

Silhouette of cheering crowd.
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Let’s hope that this is a sign of more and better things to come!



Edward Thomas

Chicago native, resident of Japan since 1969. Japanese>English translator, copywriter, editor. Teaches English at a Japanese University.