Don’t Be a Tool of the American Oligarchy

There once was a time, not that long ago, when there was a genuine Left and a Right in the United States.

The Right advocated for conservatism. It stood up for business, economic prosperity, Wall Street, and the American Dream. It stood against what it saw as leftist threats to our democracy and the coarsening of our culture.

The Left advocated for liberalism. It stood up for labor unions, minorities, the less fortunate, and socialism. It stood against what it saw as the evils of capitalism and government overreach.

Ultimately, both sides kept the good of the nation in mind as they struggled with the opposition to protect the interests of their constituents. They struck deals and compromises that took a little and gave a little.

Political campaign pins marked LEFT and RIGHT.
Image by Edward Thomas using Canva

More recently, the Left and Right have merged with business and the media, morphing into a politico-corporate (fascistic) oligarchy. The American Oligarchy advocates for corporate profit and stands up for Wall Street, the finance industry, the defense industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and business. It stands against individual freedom, national health, self-determination, fiscal responsibility, and anything else it perceives as a threat to business.

The Left and Right have morphed into a politico-corporate American Oligarchy.

The American Oligarchy promotes Us-vs-Them squabbles that keep us peons distracted with two-party political battles over political personalities, relatively petty issues, and emotionally charged buzzwords. They are terrified by the thought of the day when battling peons realize that they are the real “Us,” and the Oligarchy is the real “Them.”

The sooner that day comes, the better.

So remember, if you are writing about American politics and are one-sidedly blaming the country’s woes on the Republicans, the Democrats, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or any other group or individual, you are a tool of the American Oligarchy and very much part of the problem.

Demonstrators with U.S. and EU motif Guy Fawkes masks.
Image by Edward Thomas using Canva



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Edward Thomas

Edward Thomas

Chicago native, resident of Japan since 1969. Japanese>English translator, copywriter, editor. Teaches English at a Japanese University.