What has become of Leonard Tillerman?

He was here, then gone, then here again, then gone again

Edward Thomas
2 min readMay 26, 2024


Portrait of Leonard Tillerman
Leonard Tillerman, from his discontinued Substack Page

Probably the greatest thing about writing here on Medium is the vast society of writers we find here.

When I first joined in December 2021, I was immediately able to hook up with a wide variety of kind and helpful souls.

One writer I met after being on Medium for a short while was Leonard Tillerman.

At the time, Leonard wrote book reviews, almost exclusively.
Even though I was not very interested in the books he reviewed, I dutifully clapped, highlighted, and commented in support of his work.
Leonard reciprocated in kind.

Then, sometime around September 2022, real-world events conspired to rob me of the time I had been spending to write Medium articles. Just before I stopped writing, I saw an article by Leonard announcing that he would be leaving Medium to concentrate on creating Substack content. I visited his Substack several times to take a look, but since it was all reviews of books that did not interest me, I stopped going there.

Then in January 2024, I started writing again.



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